South Carolina MEA Conference
Amidons workshops
Friday & Saturday, February 8 & 9, 2019

SCROLL DOWN FOR WORKSHOP NOTES - Here are a few comments, thanks, and introduction to our family.

Thanks to the many people who made this possible; particular thanks to Michael Weaver who helped us plan our workshops from the beginning and took great care of us during the conference.  Also thanks to Sharon Doyle, Michael Moore, Todd Monsell, and the spectacular sound system folks.  There are many more who work selflessly to make this a smooth running, dynamic, and most musical conference.  Mary Alice and I are impressed with the state of music education in South Carolina.

    *     *

Here is a little about Mary Alice and me and our family. 

MEET OUR BOYS & their wives:

Stefan on percussion/vocals and his wife (red head) Zara Bode with their band the Sweetback Sisters

Zara singing with the By the People Choir.

Stefan is the touring percussionist for The Devil Makes Three

and Stefan is a wonderful singer (the tall bass)

Sam with the Australian Chamber Orchestra

Sam fiddling

Sam’s wife Beth Orton singing Leonard Cohen's "Sisters of Mercy"

Here is an ode to Mary Alice I put together on the occasion of our 40th wedding anniversary last summer. 

*    *

Go to your own local dances; they are fun, welcoming, aerobic, and it will make you a better dance teacher.

Here is a link to a web page that has links to contra dance and other traditional dances around South Carolina.


Friday morning Storytelling/Literature/Music notes

Friday afternoon Community Dance notes

Saturday afternoon New Dances & Singing Games notes