I'm Growing Up-Fingerplays, Action Songs, Singing Games and Stories for Young Children

I'm Growing Up

Mary Alice and Andy have drawn on their extensive experience in the classroom to assemble this collection: book/CD/DVD in one package, which includes fifty-four of their favorite movement activities for children in preschool, kindergarten and the early primary grades.

The book/CD/DVD formats allow you to learn by seeing and hearing, as well as having all the instructions and music transcription in the book itself.

"As I went through the 'I'm Growing Up' DVD, following along with the book, I kept track of my favorites by making a star next to titles in the table of contents. Practically EVERYTHING has a star! This is a great volume of work - not just for music teachers, but for anyone who enjoys spending time with children."

                -Valerie Kosednar, Early Childhood Educator/Musician

70 pages. Wire binding..

Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Fingerplays
    • The Sun Is In My Heart
    • Here is the Beehive
    • Five Little Hotdogs
    • Five Little Bunnies
    • Here is the Boat
    • I've Got a Basket of Apples
    • I Shut the Door
    • Mr Duck and Mr Turkey
    • Chipping Firewood
    • Cradled Cozily
    • Chip Chop
    • A Little Seed
    Action Songs
    • I'm Growing Up
    • When I Was One
    • Owl Moon
    • Seed in the Ground
    • Jim Along Josie
    • Hans Michael
    • My Poor Hand is Shaking
    • I Have Ten Little Fingers
    • My Aunt Came Back
    • Mi Cuerpo
    • Ata Makata
    • Sarasponda
    • Che Che Koolay
    • Form the Corn
    • Once There Was a Snowman
    • The Fishing Song
    • Applesauce Rock
    • Standing Like a Tree
    • What Are You Wearing?
    • Bye Bye Butterfly
    • Shake Hands with Friends
    Singing Games
    • Come Along Everybody
    • Strolling in the Park
    • Look Who's Here
    • Wake Me, Shake Me
    • Oats Peas Beans
    • Shake Them 'Simmons Down
    • Old Lady from Blatimore
    • You Put Your Right Hand In
    • Going Around the Mountain
    • Knees Up Mother Brown
    • Sing a Song of Sixpence
    • This Way Go Willoughby
    • Riding Our Ponies
    • Sleeping Bunnies
    • Tinkle Blues
    Story Games
    • The Little Boy and the Little Girl
    • The People Who Lived Behind the Mountains
    • Magic Mouse
    • Twenty Four Robbers
    • The Magic Forest
  • DVD Track List
  • CD Track List